Connecting Groups - Building Relationships with fellow believers at Big Rapids First Baptist Church

Connecting Groups

Connecting groups are smaller gatherings throughout the week where we can really get to know one another. Together we share the ups and downs of life and point each other to the sweetness of knowing Jesus.

"It takes a village to raise a child," is an expression you might have heard before. At Big Rapids FBC we believe it takes a village to thrive as a human. We were designed for meaningful relationships where we are known and loved and belong. Our connecting groups are the place where we can be known and loved and enjoy a sense of belonging based on the Gospel.
When and Where Do They Meet?
Tuesday from 6-8:30pm at 822 Marion Ave. Big Rapids, MI 49307
Thursday from 6-8:30 at 19262 Saux Lane Big Rapids, MI 49307
What Happens At A Connecting Group?
The first hour we eat! From 6-7 we eat a simple meal and just enjoy being a family around the table. Then at 7 we gather in the living room to share about our weeks and discuss the sermon from the Sunday before, focusing on sharing how the sermon applies to our lives. Or if it doesn’t apply, you can share that too! We try really hard to end promptly at 8:30 after some time to pray for each other.
Who Can Come?
Everyone! Groups are not divided up by age, gender, hobby, singing ability, height or any other categories. Lord willing, each group will reflect what we want our large Sunday gathering to look like: young and old, black and white (and all other races), quilters and rock climbers, plumbers and professors, men and women, all together in our church family united under Jesus.
Is There Childcare?
The discussion time is for adults or mature teenagers, but kids are welcome and childcare can be provided as needed. Often times, kids can have a movie night in the other room while the adults talk!
What Do I Need to Bring?
If it’s your first time, all you need to bring is yourself and your bible. After you settle in, you'll be invited but not obligated to contribute to the meal.
Who Can I Contact For More Information?
Email Pastor Josh at or call the church office at 231.796.8243
Connecting Groups - Information about Worship and fellowship in Big Rapids Michigan