sunrise icon for sunday morning church service in big rapids michigan

Sunday Morning Gathering

We'd love to have you visit us on Sunday morning. But we know going to a new place, especially a church can be intimidating. Below are a few answers to common questions to give you an idea of what to expect. If you have any other questions, please give us a call or shoot us an email.
When and Where is the Service?
Our service begins at 11am. We meet in our building at 200 S. Stewart Ave. Big Rapids, MI 49307.
How Long Is The Service?
Our service lasts for approximately 75 minutes.
Is There Childcare?
Yes! We care deeply about the spiritual lives of our children. We provide fun and safe classes for children during our 11am Sunday morning worship gathering for children from birth through fifth grade. Each week they will meet new friends, sing songs, and learn about God and His incredible plan of redemption.
Kids are checked-in to in their classroom before the gathering and then their teachers will bring them up to the auditorium to sing with the grown-ups. After the singing, they head back to the classrooms for lessons and crafts and other kid stuff.
Our children are just as much a part of our church family as the grown-ups so once or twice a month we have family style gatherings where we are all together. 
How Should I Dress?
You'll find a few ties at Big Rapids FBC, but also quite a few jeans and t-shirts. Simply put, come as you are. If you like suits and dresses, cheers. If you're more of a jeans and Lions Jersy kind of person, that's great too.
Will I Be Singled Out?
No. We will not ask visitors to stand and be recognized, to give a testimony, to come to the front or anything like that.
Will I Be Pressured To Give Money?
Every week during the brief offering time, we say, “If you’re new here, we’re not asking for your money. This service is our gift to you.” Giving is something for members and regular attendees – for those who have said, “I’ve found out what I need to know, and I’m all in. This is my church family, and BRFBC's mission is my mission.”
What Are The Sermons Like?
We preach the Bible, verse-by-verse, book-by-book in a style that's accessible and conversational. We believe that you’ll find, in the pages of the Bible, a more gripping story and a more satisfying explanation and solution to the troubles of life than the false promise of “Three Quick Steps To A Whole New You” styled lectures.
What Is The Music Like?
We like music that captures the beauty of the gospel. That means we sing hymns and newer songs, sometimes just with piano sometimes with more music going on. At the end of the day, our music is about glorifying God and reminding each other of the glorious gospel of Jesus.